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The only fanlisting for Reinhardt from the movie "Blade II" listed at The FanlistingsNetwork in the Characters: Book/Movie category.

Reinhardt (Ron Perlman) is a member of the blood pack an elite unit which has trained to bring down Blade. When the emergence of the Reapers caused the vampires to ask Blade for help, the pack instead found themselves working with Blade. Reinhardt, however, is the only member who truly knows what is going on: namely that his boss Damaskinos created the reapers and wants Reinhardt to catch Blade alive ...


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And another vampire re-vamped

Posted Dec 6, 2009. Leave a comment?

So everyone who disliked the old layout can rejoice—finally I made a new one.

I already submitted an update form at tfl, set up the link at my 404 page at and also applied with, the MovielistingsNetwork and the Vampire fanlistings directory.

Fans and Affiliates have been contacted.


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